1000ton High Pressure Hydraulic Press Cylinder for Press Machine



Introducing the 1000ton high pressure hydraulic press cylinder for press machines. This top-of-the-line product is brand new and comes with a 2-year warranty. Ideal for industries such as building material shops, manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, construction works, energy & mining, the hydraulic press cylinder offers nonstandard structure and piston type or plunger type options.

Product Features

The hydraulic press cylinder features a working pressure of 250-700bar, a bore size up to 1200mm, and a power source of hydraulic. It is built with high-quality materials such as ST52/ 42CrMo and ST52/4140/Stainless steel for maximum durability and performance. Furthermore, it is equipped with Parker Hallite NOK seals and a front flange mounting style.

Product Advantages

The hydraulic press cylinder offers numerous advantages such as high reliability, efficient performance, and long service life. It is constructed with top-tier core components and is subjected to rigorous tests to ensure its quality and performance. Moreover, it offers after-warranty services including video technical support, online support, spare parts, and field maintenance and repair service.

Product Application

The hydraulic press cylinder finds wide application in various industries that require high pressure hydraulic press machines. Whether it is for manufacturing plants, construction works, or the energy & mining sector, our hydraulic press cylinder is designed to meet your specific needs and deliver unmatched performance.

How to Choose the Right Hydraulic Press Cylinder

To choose the right hydraulic press cylinder, consider factors such as the working pressure, bore size, body material, seal type, and mounting style. Make sure to match these specifications with your application requirements for optimal results.

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Hydraulic Cylinders and Power Units

Our hydraulic press cylinders and power units work hand-in-hand to deliver high performance and efficiency in your operations. We also offer power units for sale to provide a comprehensive solution for your hydraulic needs.

About Our

We are a leading hydraulic cylinder manufacturer in China with more than 20 years of experience. We are renowned for our superior product quality, competitive prices, and exceptional customer service. Our products are trusted and used by numerous customers in Canada, Germany, and other countries worldwide.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I customize the hydraulic press cylinder according to my requirements?
    A: Yes, we offer customization services. You can provide us with your specifications or drawings and we will manufacture the hydraulic press cylinder accordingly.
  • Q: What after-warranty services do you offer?
    A: We offer video technical support, online support, spare parts, and field maintenance and repair service even after the warranty period ends.
  • Q: What is the lead time for the hydraulic press cylinder?
    A: The lead time depends on the quantity and complexity of your order. Please contact us for specific details.