Tie Rod Cylinders Hydraulic Cylinders Double Acting Type



The Tie Rod Cylinders Hydraulic Cylinders Double Acting Type is a brand new cylinder designed to perform with utmost efficiency in the construction industry. It comes with a warranty of 1.5 years and is made from high-quality stainless steel. The hydraulic cylinder, which is the core component of this cylinder, is guaranteed for 2 years. Unlike standard cylinders, this double-acting hydraulic cylinder is nonstandard and features a piston cylinder structure.

The body material is stainless steel, ensuring durability and resistance to corrosion. The hydraulic material of these tie rod cylinders is made from carbon steel, alloy steel, and stainless steel. This cylinder is located 170km from Shanghai and operates under a pressure of 5-300Mpa. The piston rod for the tie rod cylinder ranges from 10-1500mm and is tempered, plated with nickel, chrome, or ceramic. The seals of the Forklift Steering cylinder are from Parker, Merkel, and Hallite.

Product Features

The coating of the cylinder includes sandblasting, primer paint, middle paint, and finish paint. It can withstand temperatures ranging from -40?? to +300??, making it suitable for use in a variety of environments. The working medium is hydraulic oil while the piston speed can go up to a maximum of 1m/s. The mounting style includes earrings, flange, foot mounting, and screw thread.

Hydraulic Cylinder

After the warranty period, we offer video technical support, online support, spare parts, field maintenance, and repair service. Our local service location and showroom are in Germany.

Our tie rod hydraulic cylinder is ideally designed for construction works. We provide video outgoing inspection and machinery test reports to guarantee top-notch quality. The cylinder is packaged in carton, wooden box, or steel tower as per customer requirements. The port of shipment is Shanghai or as required by the customer.

Our Parker type tie rod hydraulic cylinders are customized to fit your needs. With 25 years of experience as a Hydraulic Piston Cylinder Manufacturer, we assure you of top-quality products.

Product Applications

Our hydraulic cylinders are mainly applied in construction machinery such as hydraulic lift cylinders and steering cylinders for cranes, forklift, tractor, loaders, excavator, industry equipment like hydraulic press cylinders, compact cylinders, and marine and offshore machinery.

Product Specifications

Our hydraulic cylinders are customizable as per your needs. They are available for various ISO standard types of mounting and can withstand a working pressure of 10Mpa-70Mpa. The working temperature ranges from -40~120C. Cylinder seals are from PARKER, HALLITE, NOK and each cylinder is tested before exporting.

Product Double Acting Hydraulic Pistons Cylinders
Stroke 10mm-15000mm

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1. What is the warranty period for the hydraulic cylinder?

The warranty period for the hydraulic cylinder is 1.5 years.

2. What is the maximum piston speed?

The maximum piston speed is 1m/s.

3. What is the working pressure range?

The working pressure range is 10Mpa-70Mpa.